Appreciation of the present, tackling the unconscious bias to VC funding & corporate innovation

A new webinar on Wednesday, 3 June at 3pm BST

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It’s the first day of the new month, a time of new beginnings. The lockdown restrictions are lifting across Europe and beyond. We are all eager to find out what the notion of ‘normal’ will look like after the pandemic. It is ultimately up to us. We are now given an opportunity to re-build a more equitable, fair world.

It also the theme of the next ‘Ecosystem’ webinar. On Wednesday at 3pm, we will discuss the existing biases and structures obstructing the fundraising process in venture capital and corporate innovation.

Join the conversation with Bosch, Talis Capital, Playfair Capital and Amplo VC this Wednesday at 3pm BST.

Unconscious bias:Tackling the barriers to VC funding & corporate innovation:

Some of my thoughts on the topic can be found here and here.

A recap from last week’s webinar on Responding to a crisis : Resilience, mental health and innovation.

For some founders, businesses and professionals, the past months have brought an immense amount of stress. Will it all go away as quickly as it was brought up upon us? As United Nations warned earlier this month, the world is at risk of another pandemic - a mental health crisis. This challenge does’t end with the lockdown.

There is a lot of stigma still associated with mental health; it is at large still a taboo - not only speaking about it, but being present in conversations on the topic.

Last week was the most personal ‘Ecosystem’ session yet - where leaders of the innovation ecosystem shared their genuine experiences dealing with anxiety, burnout and staying sane in the face of adversity.

If you are a founder who is going through a challenging time, remember a worry shared is a worry halved. Voice out your concerns and get to the bottom of what is the cause of concern in the first place.

Few quotes that stood out:

“The past and the future are intractably tied together in the present. It’s the only moment that truly matters. Find yourself and find that calm and to find happiness in the present.”

“Stress is the driver of evolution. It is like exercise, you can’t do too much at the same time but the more you go through stress, the easier it is. You stay sane by remembering how you went through it last time.”

Edward Shenderovich, Co-Founder and Chairman, Knotel

“The biggest lesson I learned is that you need to have somebody alongside you who is going to support you and help you get through those really horrible times. It can be in the form of a co-founder, supportive board members, advisors or mentors, who can get you through those really horrible times.”

Devika Wood, Co-Founder, I am Arla

Following the panel, Niamh Keane, one of Europe's leading meditation teachers gave a very simple advice, which I think we can all implement in our lives.

Before making a decision, ask whether it comes from a place of love or from a place of fear. And be kind not only to those around you but to yourself.

Stay healthy!