‘Ecosystem’ by Tzvete Doncheva

Building ‘ecosystems’ has been key to my work since joining London’s tech scene nearly three years ago. Innovation can’t take place in silos. Collaboration and a knowledge exchange are necessary to support future progress. Roundtables, panels, challenge workhops or webinars are important mechanisms to create an open dialogue between the key stakeholders in the innovation ecosystem(in the Built World and beyond). These initiatives have allowed me to be in close touch with innovators, be able to identify the new tech solutions and the way they fit within the wider markets(specific focus Built World/Future of Work).

Up to now, I have helped with the ecosystem building efforts at a PropTech VC(spin out of multinational real estate investment manager Round Hill Capital) and at London’s urban mobility co-creation hub London Connectory (by Bosch in partnership with Transport for London and Nitrous). As the resident innovation manager there, I helped foster the connections between entrepreneurs, investors, the public and private sectors. It is where my interest for corporate innovation began and where I started understanding the importance of a public-private partnership/collaboration.

I also advise startup founders on strategy and positioning and consult larger companies on 1)their innovation efforts/2)building an inclusive culture.

You may read more about my work in an interview with Plentific (a leader in property management innovation) here or see the initiatives that took place at London Connectory here.

‘Ecosystem’ by Tzvete Doncheva is everything I have done to now.

Innovation initiatives, events and resources of value for innovators, corporations, public sector actors and VCs. The goal of the "Ecosystem" event series is to be where Europe's innovation ecosystem comes together to share insights, hear from experts and connect in the age of social distancing. They have received national media coverage - see here and here for more details.

Venture capital is the engine of economic growth and innovation - identifying and funding today the solutions of tomorrow. My hope is for ‘Ecosystem’ to become a valuable resource to support this.

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