The next '#EcosystemGiants' - Soraya Darabi (Co-Founder and General Partner, TMV) on Tuesday, 27 April 2021!

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It is an understatement to say I am excited to introduce the next #EcosystemGiants guest. She is someone whose impact in the startup ecosystem really is gigantic.. and she is only just getting started :) It is an honour to have the opportunity to welcome Soraya Darabi (Co-Founder and General Partner, TMV***) at #EcosystemGiants at 8pm CET on Tuesday, 27 April 2021! Soraya is an experienced entrepreneur and investor, and at TMV, leads impact investments across the future of work, health-care and education technology. Prior to TMV and earlier in her career, she worked in media (managing digital partnerships & social media at The New York Times); and later on became a founder, building food tech startup Foodspotting (named “App of the Year” by both Apple and Wired; acquired by OpenTable, then Priceline). Over the years, she has been named one of Fast Company’s “100 Most Creative People in Business”, Inc. Magazine "30 Under 30" (2012), Fortune Magazine’s "40 Under 40: Women to Watch" (2015). Other notable mentions - Soraya sat on the first digital advisory board of General Electric, is a World Economic Forum "Young Global Leader," and a six-time mentor to TechStars New York for which she’s been named a three-time "Mentor of the Year." Her drive to support diversity in the ecosystem led her to create Transact Global, the fastest-growing community of emerging fund managers in the world, who collectively manage 1 billion+ AUM.

“Together we will invest in an equitable future that reflects the way the world truly looks.”

A conversation about :

  • How to raise venture funding at the earliest stages and achieve a successful startup exit?

  • Founder -> founder -> fund manager - what are the key lessons Soraya learned along the way?

  • Why the world needs more women founders and investors; and what we can collectively do as a society to accelerate this change?

Tune in at 20:00 CET (14:00 EST) on Tuesday 27 April 2021.


Timings (CET)

20:00 Start; in conversation with Soraya Darabi (Co-Founder and General Partner, TMV) about investing in purposeful companies reimagining the future, raising two venture funds and building a network in VC

20:30 Market commentary and Q&A

20:45 Pitching for feedback

In a 3' pitch, Tanya Bencheva-Vigier (Founder and CEO, Native Spaces) will share the vision for her company as ‘the marketplace where anyone can easily organize a unique event in a unique space’ (Airbnb for events)

20:55 End

Moderated by Tzvete Doncheva, Founder 'Ecosystem' and visiting analyst, Stout

Supported by community partners:

FemGems, Kaiku, ParlayMe, Startups Magazine

***While just around 2% of venture capital dollars are going to women, TMV’s portfolio of companies is currently 75% female and/or minority-owned.

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